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Dr. Neil Nathan, MD. Author of Toxic: Heal Your Body, Healing Is Possible, Energetic Diagnosis & Mold and Mycotoxins:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Moorcroft for many years now. His lectures are state-of-the-art, and filled with clarity and details that will help physicians to grasp the information they need to be able to treat chronic inflammatory illnesses. His passion for, and dedication to teaching is palpable, and I would encourage all medical practitioners who recognize the need to diagnose and treat Lyme disease and environmental toxicities to study with him and learn how to help their patients achieve optimal results.”

origins of health

Dive into the heart of holistic wellness at Origins Of Health, where Dr. Tom Moorcroft serves as the Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer, and Physician.  More than a medical center; we are a beacon of hope and transformation for those on the journey to recovery from chronic infections, including Lyme disease, Babesia, Borrelia miyamotoi, Bartonella, and more. Specializing in the intricate web of chronic illnesses, our dedicated physicians, nurse practitioners, and health experts are passionate about guiding you toward optimal well-being.

Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that the body possesses inherent wisdom and natural healing powers. We prioritize health, working with you to develop a personalized approach that stimulates these self-healing forces within.

Discover a wealth of resources, services, and insights designed to empower individuals on their journey to optimal well-being. Take the next step toward transformative care by exploring Origins of Health.

ldpc program

For practitioners seeking to deepen their expertise in Lyme disease management, the LDPC Program offers a groundbreaking certification that sets the standard in the field. Dr. Tom Moorcroft’s involvement as a mentor and contributor to the program ensures a comprehensive and innovative approach to Lyme disease care.

A Twelve-Month Case-Based Mentorship and Mastermind to Learn the Leading-Edge Methods for Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery for Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases

Elevate your practice, expand your knowledge, and join a network of dedicated professionals committed to advancing Lyme disease management. Take the next step in your professional journey with the LDPC Program.



Dr. Moorcroft’s knowledge and experience in treating complex tick borne illnesses is unsurpassed.  He approached my extremely complex illness in a detailed and comprehensive fashion combining intellectual rigor and deep kindness.  He is simply one of the best Lyme literate practitioners in the country.

– Patient
Cleaveland, OH



Dr. Tom and his team are treating my son for complex health issues including PANs.  He was able to accurately and quickly diagnose him and begin treatment where other doctors failed.  I only wish we started seeing Dr. Tom Moorcroft sooner.  Do not delay feeling better.


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