Tom Moorcroft

Are you living each moment of your life to the fullest?

I believe in living your fullest life right now, in each and every moment. I used to put things off until later. Plan, save, play it safe. It never felt right.

Then I experienced 13+ years of chronic Lyme disease and Babesiosis, with a small helping of heavy metal toxicity just to keep it interesting. After an over 4 year healing journey, I learned that I really wanted to live to my fullest potential every single day. I wanted to work hard and give a ton to the world. I also wanted to play hard and do the things that really awakened the passion deep within me. The more I did those things that brought me joy, the better I was at my work and the more love and passion I had to share with those around me, especially my family.

I’ve been symptom-free for over 11 years and have since dedicated my professional life to alleviating the suffering of those with environmentally acquired chronic illnesses just like I had. It’s a tough ask to show up 110% every day for people who have felt they have had their lives taken away from them. But, it’s so inspiring to me to be able to be a pivotal part of their healing journey, one that includes understanding how powerful they truly are – to master their lives, awaken their incredibly powerful self-healing mechanisms and to be able to design the futures of their dreams.

Outside of my clinical practice, I offer Lyme and other tick-borne disease practitioner training (can link to, public chronic illness healing courses and co-founded Meditation-Rx, an online meditation community specifically designed to support those healing from chronic conditions. 

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