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Dr. Tom specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic tick-borne illnesses, mold illness, infection-induced autoimmune encephalitis, and Chronic Toxin Overload in children and adults. He lectures extensively on Lyme disease and other chronic infections, pediatric tick-borne illnesses, mold illness, parasitic infections, healing the microbiome, integrative medicine, Chronic Toxin Overload and nutritional approaches to healing. His passion for supporting each patient’s self-healing abilities, improving detoxification and relieving brain fog through optimization of the Gut-Brain-Heart axis is evident throughout all his lectures. As an Osteopathic physician, Dr. Tom shares a unique body-mind-spirit approach that relies strongly on revitalizing each patient’s self-healing abilities so they can achieve long-lasting optimal health.


  • Tick-borne Co-infections – Emerging Pharmacologic, Herbal, and other Integrative Treatments
  • PANS/PANDAS/Infection-Induced Autoimmune Encephalitis
  • The Glymphatic System and Brain Detoxification
  • Healing Mindset – Aligning Your Mindset & Health Goals for Optimal Results
  • MeditationRx – Awaken Healing and Achieve Rapid Transformation from Chronic Conditions through Chronic Healing Meditation

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Dr. Moorcroft’s knowledge and experience in treating complex tick borne illnesses is unsurpassed.  He approached my extremely complex illness in a detailed and comprehensive fashion combining intellectual rigor and deep kindness.  He is simply one of the best Lyme literate practitioners in the country.

– Patient
Cleaveland, OH



Dr. Tom and his team are treating my son for complex health issues including PANs.  He was able to accurately and quickly diagnose him and begin treatment where other doctors failed.  I only wish we started seeing Dr. Tom Moorcroft sooner.  Do not delay feeling better.


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