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The Lyme Insider podcast, hosted by Dr. Tom Moorcroft, DO, delves into the complexities (and mysteries) of chronic Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, aiming to challenge the status quo and illuminate the murky areas of medical research and clinical practice. The show commits to questioning and learning from top scientific minds, translating complex research into actionable knowledge for medical professionals and patients alike. By engaging with leading experts, the podcast seeks to refine diagnostic and treatment approaches while maintaining a commitment to scientific integrity and patient-centered care, promising listeners insightful discussions informed by science and experience.

Episode 2: The Mind-Blowing Truth About Bartonella Most Doctors Don’t Know With Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt

Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt discusses Bartonella research, covering its discovery, transmission, and diagnostic challenges, especially in chronic cases. He advocates for digital PCR and highlights discrepancies in lab results, strain prevalence, and antibody production. Emphasizing the need for improved diagnostics and vaccine development, he stresses the importance for both animal and human health.

Episode 1: Advancements in Babesia Research and Clinical Implications

In this conversation, Dr. Choukri Ben Mamoun and Dr. Tim Sellati discuss Dr. Mamoun’s recent study on combination therapy for Babesia infection. They explore key findings such as the use of immunocompromised mouse models and potential for lasting immunity. The conversation touches on challenges in translating research to clinical practice, emphasizing the importance of understanding tick-borne infections and the need for more research on dosing and drug efficacy.

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