Tom Moorcroft

Integrative Lyme Retreat

Feb 13-17, 2022

Snowbird/Alta, UT

It’s Time for the 4th Annual Integrative Lyme Retreat in Powdery Snowbird/Alta, UT!

Are you ready to dramatically improve your outcomes and efficiency treating patients with Chronic Lyme, Co-Infections and Toxin Overload?

Are you ready to learn how to integrate conventional medicine with the best functional medicine approaches?

Dr. Dave and I have heard you loud and clear!

This year we’re super excited to be back in person! This is a unique opportunity to come together with some of the most innovative minds in the world of tick-borne illness diagnosis, treatment and integrative healing.

We’ll be covering the latest scientific and clinical breakthroughs that have radically transformed our clinical results. We’re learning more about these complex illnesses than ever before and patients have more treatment options and are able to truly find hope for healing.

Some of the topics we’ll be covering include:

  • Emerging Herbal Treatments for Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia duncani
  • Updates on Emerging Persister protocols, including Double Dose Dapsone and Disulfiram
  • Innovative Approaches to Detoxification
  • The Role of Hyperbarics in Healing Chronic Illness
  • COVID-19 Treatment Updates

Join Dr. Dave Dornfeld and Dr. Tom Moorcroft February 13-17, 2022 for our Integrative Lyme Retreat in Alta, UT. Smack dab in between Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts!!

The Details

On the opening day of the conference, we meet up at the 4,200 square foot Blackjack Ridge House #2 for dinner by our private chef and kick off our our educational presentations. Yes that’s right 4,200 square feet of our own private retreat center! 

Because we know so many healthcare practitioners work hard and would love some time to visit the spa or carve some sick lines in the sweetest snow around, we keep the daytime hours totally open over the next 3 days. Many of us ski. Others enjoy the spa right around the corner at The Cliff Lodge. Others just hang at the retreat center and enjoy the hot tub, hyperbaric chamber and great conversations with new friends.

Then every evening, we’re all back in the super spacious living room and around the round table for in-depth educational presentations and case reviews.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a chance to ask the questions you really want to have answered and get the real answers? We’re not going to be held back by CME requirements. We want you to be able to ask any questions you have and get 100% uncensored, totally applicable to your patients tomorrow morning answers. Bring your most challenging cases so we can discuss them and share our input.

Anyone up for some extra fun and socializing? Aside from being able to have completely uncensored questions with no holds barred answers, you’ll have a chance to deepen relationships with colleagues and our sponsors. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the best pearls on a chair lift ride. That tends to be where Dave and I do my best thinking!! This is an opportunity to have a truly personal learning experience.

If your goal is to have tons of winter fun and deepen your understanding of how to approach the most chronically ill, medical complex patients, this is the trip for you.

If you’re coming in from out of town, we’ve got you covered. The Blackjack Ridge House is not only our conference center, but also our lodging. Our private chef will cover breakfast and dinner.

Four nights of lodging, four breakfasts, four dinners and four nights education and socializing all for only $1997.

If you’re local and don’t need lodging, we’ve got you covered too! Four dinners and Four nights education and socializing all for only $997.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Days are free to enjoy on your own. Many of us ski, head to the spa or just hang out with new friends
  • Evening lectures and case-based learning
  • Direct access to 2 of Functional Medicine’s leading chronic illness specialists and special guest lecturers
  • Informal small group consultations will occur throughout the retreat, including on chair lift rides, on the shuttle ride to and from the mountain, maybe even in the hot tub!
  • Exquisite conference center with exceptional food from our private chef
  • Plenty of time for socializing and creating deep relationships with your colleagues
  • FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
  • Please note, there is limited space for full bed and twin bunk bed lodging at the retreat center. Spaces are filling up quickly, so be sure and make your reservations as soon as possible

Our Retreat Space

living room
dining room
dining room
dining room
dining room

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About Dr. Tom Moorcroft, DO

Chronic Illness & Lyme Recovery Expert and Co-Founder of Origins Of Health

Dr. Tom treats some of the sickest, most sensitive patients suffering from chronic Lyme Disease, tick-borne co-infections, mold illness as well as children with infection-induced autoimmune encephalitis (PANS/PANDAS). He focuses on optimizing the body’s self-healing systems in order to achieve optimal health with simple, natural interventions; utilizing more conventional approaches when needed. Dr. Tom’s goal is to empower everyone he meets to reach their highest potential and get in touch with their inner source of healing so they can experience optimal health. He created the Lyme Disease Practitioner Certification program to help dramatically decrease the learning curve for dedicated healthcare providers become experts at treating Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections through his innovative mentorship learning program.

Dr. Dornfeld

About Dr. Dave Dornfeld, DO

Integrative Osteopathic, Medical Physician

Dr. David Dornfeld has been preventing and reversing illness at Family Wellness Center in Red Bank, NJ, for 35 + years, while focusing towards “environmental medicine and tick-borne concerns” and how to repair those exposure-related insults. Dr. Dave is an Autism specialist and a fellow with MAPS – the Medical Association of Pediatric Special Needs. He received his medical degree from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Maine He is board certified in Family Medicine (ACOFP) and board certified in anti-aging medicine by the International Society of Anti-Aging medicine in 2000. 

Our Sponsors

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